Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) - Last Day Of June (2017)

Czasem zdarza się, że kompozytorzy ścieżek dżwiękowych poza swą działalnością filmową są również autorami projektów związanych ze światem gier komputerowych. W tym dziale można podyskutować właśnie o tych "niesoundtrackowych" dokonaniach.
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Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) - Last Day Of June (2017)

#1 Post autor: Adam » wt gru 19, 2017 21:00 pm

Steven Wilson, lider Porcupine Tree, i jego pierwszy score do gry :o Jakie piękne mamy czasy muzycznie <3

Last Day of June – tytuł przedstawiany jako „interaktywna opowieść o miłości i stracie”.


1. Some Things Cannot Be Changed
2. That Day by The Pier
3. There Must Be A Way
4. The Last Day Of June
5. Suspended In Me
6. Driving Home
7. I’m Still Here…
8. The Boy Who Lost His Friends
9. The Crib
10. Time For A New Start
11. Suspended In You
12. Under The Shadow Of My Father
13. Accept
14. Deceive
15. Together, Forever Again

Total time - 39:50

Steven Wilson will release Last Day Of June on December 1. The digital only release is the official soundtrack to the acclaimed PS4/Windows game of the same name. Last Day Of June has been inspired entirely by the visuals and ideas from Wilson's 2013 track Drive Home and is soundtracked by music from Wilson's first four solo albums, Insurgentes, Grace For Drowning, The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories) and Hand.Cannot. Erase., as well as some tracks from the ambient/electronic Bass Communion project. All of the tracks are specially re-edited instrumental versions created exclusively for the game and feature alternate versions of Routine, The Raven... and Deform To Form A Star.

"A couple of years ago I was asked if I'd be OK with some of the ideas from the video for Drive Home being used as the basis for a computer game," Wilson tells Prog. "They wanted to explore further the characters that Hajo Muller drew so beautifully and Jess Cope gave life to.

"I had no idea how it might work, but was happy to let them show me. The game grew out of my music and that original video. It's been one of my long held ambitions to score a movie. In a way I feel like I've done that now. I'd never thought computer games could be 'art' before - having seen and experiences Last Day Of June, I'm now convinced they can be."

Cały album na Spotyfy, bo wydanie tylko cyfrowe -

Trailer gry:

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Re: Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) - Last Day Of June (2017)

#2 Post autor: Mefisto » pt gru 22, 2017 03:09 am

Bardzo przyjemne. Warto poświęcić 40 minutek czasu.