Yoko Shimomura - Merregnon: Land of Silence

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Yoko Shimomura - Merregnon: Land of Silence

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Merregnon: Land of Silence is an original symphonic fairy tale, created for School and Family Concerts. Following in the tradition of timeless classics such as Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf and Saint-Saens’ Carnival of the Animals, it features exclusive music by internationally renowned composer Yoko Shimomura, known for her work on multi-million selling video games such as Super Mario RPG, Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy XV.

Merregnon: Land of Silence's magical journey of musical adventure can be enjoyed as a concert film recorded by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and is available on demand worldwide. It can be viewed for free on Konserthuset Play or in the player below. Subtitles in English, German, Japanese and Swedish are activated by using the CC control.
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Nagrania na CD czy winylu nie ma (póki co, przynajmniej), ale jest nagranie koncertu - https://www.konserthuset.se/play
Gdyby nie piraci, byłbym jak Zbigniew Hołdys - Eric Clapton.