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James Horner
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1. Prelude 1:14
2. Harry-The Canadian Photographer 1:54
3. Kurt-The German Engineer 2:46
4. Harry's Voyage 2:20
5. Kurt-A Train to the Front 1:19
6. Harry-Mines 1:59
7. Kurt Seeks His Son 2:00
8. Harry Arrives 2:02
9. Life in the Trenches 2:29
10. Death Impending 3:07
11. The Two Sides of the Battle of Vimy Ridge 5:04
12. An Unexpected Meeting 2:18
13. Escape From the Tunnels 2:35
14. Kurt's Transfer to the Somme 1:40
15. Harry's Leave in Paris 1:59
16. Kurt-An Unmarked Grave 3:10
17. Providence 3:35
18. Harry-A Prisoner of War 3:48
19. Kurt Returns Home 2:32
20. Balloon Plan 3:25
21. Friends and Foes 2:54
22. Harry the Daydreamer 2:33
23. Confrontation 6:15


In Loving Memory of Jacques Cesari

A wartime fable that follows the intertwining lives and fates of two enemy soldiers throughout the course of World War 1.

The orchestral colors of Memories Retold borrows from the French classical composers (Ravel, Debussy, Faure) to infuse its modern voice with the impressionistic style of the story’s time period. With its three acts, the musical score plays upon the structure of ballet and leitmotivs to realize the poetry of life in even the darkest of times.

Developed by Aardman & Digixart
Published by Bandai Namco

Composed and Produced by Olivier Deriviere
Lyrics by Olivier Deriviere
Orchestrated by Olivier Deriviere and Kareem Roustom

Performed by the Philharmonia Orchestra and the Pinewood Singers
Conducted by Allan Wilson
Recorded and Mixed by John Kurlander at Abbey Road Studios

Music preparation Tunesmith
Music printing Allan Wilson
Music editor Cecile Coutelier

Mastered by Erick Labson

Thanks to Naoki Katashima, Yoshi Niki, Miho Nakagawa, Samuel Gatte, Katrin Darolle, Charly Bourget, Lee Kirton, Iain Sharkey, Stephen Long, Nicolas De Ferrand, Gavin Greenaway, Laure-Helene Cesari, George Rowe, Bram Ttwheam, Yoan Fanise, Aardman, Benjamin Caillaud.

Jest już na spotify.

Krótka Epka do sprawdzenia ;)

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Jan Borysewicz
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piękna muza, piękne chóry i wokalizy, ścisła czołówka tego roku we wszystkich gatunkach. nagrywane na Abbey z Philharmonią. Czuć i słychać ten budżet.
dawać CD :!: :evil:


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