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Remastered CD release of landmark, actual Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack from popular Peter Hyams conspiracy/action thriller starring Elliot Gould, James Brolin, O.J. Simpson, Hal Holbrook, Sam Waterston, Brenda Vaccaro. Not to be confused with 1978 Warner Bros. album featuring re-recorded highlights, this is a slightly revised new mastering of Intrada's 2005 world premiere of Goldsmith's complete film soundtrack, recorded by Aaron Rochin at MGM Studios in August 1977. Satisfied owners of that debut release need not feel compelled to apply. Others take note: working from Rochin's original first generation session mixes allows us to add one "extra" to previous program. Listeners will now find an early take of "Docking", ostensibly similar to final film version but featuring subtle changes in dynamics of undulating xylophone parts, brass crescendos. One other minor change: "Kay's Theme" (heard in pool hall/bar sequence) now plays as stand-alone cue, as does brief "Elliot Is Missing" music that follows. Goldsmith's intense, propulsive low brass ostinatos that drive much of the score are all-time career highlights, influencing future action scoring for decades to come. Original liner notes by Jeff Bond, flipper booklet cover art design by Joe Sikoryak complete this powerhouse soundtrack release. Now available in Intrada's standard INT 7000 series, becoming readily available for new generations of exciting film score aficionados. Jerry Goldsmith conducts, delivers one of his all-time most exciting works!

01. Main Title (1:11)
02. Abort 1 (1:33)
03. Abort 2 (0:34)
04. Capricorn Control (0:27)
05. Mars 1:20)
06. Docking (2:49)
07. Working Overtime (0:45)
08. We Have Landed (1:01)
09. The Message (3:54)
10. Kay’s Theme [Trio Source] (3:38)
11. Elliot Is Missing (0:14)
12. The Letter (2:57)
13. Break Out (5:07)
14. The Desert (0:30)
15. Bedtime Story (2:36)
16. The Helicopters (1:07)
17. Hide And Seek (1:25)
18. No Water (2:48)
19. Flare No. 1 (0:30)
20. The Long Climb/Flare No. 2 (3:54)
21. The Snake (3:34)
22. To Bru From Kay (1:49)
23. The Station (5:31)
24. The Celebration (1:41)
25. End Title (2:07)
Score Total Time: 53:30

Bonus Tracks
26. Fanfare Source (0:13)
27. Docking (Original) (2:50)
28. Break Out (LP imitation) (3:05)
Total Extras Time: 6:12


Premiere expanded CD release of early Alan Silvestri score for Stephen King horror trilogy. Lewis Teague directs, James Woods, Drew Barrymore, Alan King, Robert Hays star, Stephen King scripts. Three creepy tales stay related through recurrence of cat as picture progresses. Morbid "Quitters, Inc." opens, Suspenseful "The Ledge" follows, frightening "General" concludes. Along the way, mayhem, revenge and wild battle with troll all play roles. Silvestri anchors with heroic theme for the cat, cut from similar thematic cloth as his very next score, Back To The Future. Idea is used sparingly, allowing it to make dramatic appearances in key sequences. Theme also offers gentle, haunting beauty in bell-like iteration when Samantha (Barrymore) and General (the cat) join in third segment. Battles with troll that climax third story are exciting, flavorful highlights as are intense clusters of sound that permeate "The Ledge". Expanded significantly from original 1985 LP, new Intrada release is mastered from two-track stereo session mixes made by Dennis Sands at Group IV Recording in Hollywood. Silvestri mastered use of the Yamaha DX-7 to create vivid, fully-composed synthesizer score, drawing from experience he had one year earlier with large-scale scoring efforts for Romancing The Stone. Informative liner notes by John Takis plus dramatic, flipper booklet cover designed by Joe Sikoryak add to the thrills. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain!

01. Cat’s Eye – Intro (0:53)
02. Cat Chase (Main Title) (2:31)
03. Help Me (0:35)
04. The Cat Room (1:58)
05. Closet Case (3:18)
06. Delusion (0:49)
07. Bumper To Bumper (1:50)
08. First Smoke (3:28)
09. Cat Escape (0:33)
10. To Quitters Incorporated (0:29)
11. Cat In Atlantic City (1:03)
12. Television Message (0:28)
13. O.K. To Cross (0:20)
14. The Decision (2:14)
15. Bird Escort (5:18)

16. You Have My Wife (1:52)
17. Mr. Cressner Falls (1:01)
18. A Visitor In Wilmington (1:38)
19. Nighttime (0:43)
20. In Amanda’s Room (4:06)
21. Mom Has A Plan (1:38)
22. The Troll Arrives (1:34)
23. Trying To Get To Amanda (4:15)
24. Troll Fight (4:09)
25. General’s Love Of Amanda (2:10)
Total Time: 48:40)

The Extra
26. Cat Chase (Intro & Main Title – Film Edit) (3:31)

Odświeżyłem sobie wczorajszej nocy oba nagrania "Capricorna One", zarówno z poprzedniego wydania Intrady z filmowym oryginałem jak i nagranie albumowe, które Goldsmith nagrał z National Philharmonic Orchestra w Londynie.... I zostaję nadal przy nagraniu Londyńskim, ono stoi na półce i ono mi wystarczy. Nie czuję parcia żeby inwestować ponad stówę w nagranie filmowe, jednak brawa dla Intrady za wznowienie tego klasyka. Niemniej jednak ja odpuszczam :) 12- utworowe nagranie Londyńskie miażdży moim zdaniem wersję filmową pod każdym względem i to mi osobiście starcza :)

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